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Dear Brother Knight,

“We reached new heights in 2016,” the Supreme Knight said. According to the figures from the 2016 Fraternal Survey the Knights gave $177,500,673 in charitable donations. This is up from $175 million donated in 2015.

I find this impressive. I know how important it is for organizations to have the funds they need to fulfill their mission.

But also, I have fond memories of the time I spent volunteering last year, and am enthusiastically involved again this year.

Few things are quite as personal and rewarding as giving of my time. I know I have helped in some small way, right here where I live; and I never fail to make new friends, reconnect with old friends, and come away feeling better in many ways.

I look forward to seeing you at council meetings and the many volunteer opportunities we have.

Included in my life as a Knight is my dedication to you as your field agent. We are brothers, and I take my service to you very seriously.

You can rely on my expertise to guide you through the benefits you have available to you as a Knight—benefits designed for you, and your family.

Fraternally yours,Steve Winkels

For Knights of Columbus Insurance information please contact:

Steve Winkels, Field Agent

PO Box 911
Faribault, MN 55021


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